Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where Are We Going?

Like the boy in the story, I can sometimes become enamored by the latest technology to pass by. It's an innocent feeling, understand, but it can be blinding. I just dive in and get involved. But is that wise. Am I ignoring my true love? I like to write; I like to read. And both activities have to do with the processing and interpretation of a language, one that I learned as a toddler and that was pushed at me all through school. I survived school to love language anyway. I do reject those that say that my teachers were right and I finally saw the light. But I credit Steinbeck, Baldwin, Joyce, and others for turning me onto language more than my teachers. So naturally I am frightened by what is becoming of that language. What language will today's students use and what view of language will today's student take away from school? Will I turn them onto James Baldwin? I doubt it. Will I try? I sure will. As humorous as the above story is, I wonder what our students will find after they leave? I found Steinbeck et al. Will our students find only emoticon? :-(

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