Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Two Way Street Without the Double Yellow Line

If I have been learning anything over 21 years of teaching is that I have so much to learn. This is not big news to anyone who loves to learn. But today it is bigger news, at least to me, because of the wealth of information that is available. More information is not only available, but it must be found, it must be sorted, it must be screened, it must be organized, and it must be used, preferably in a positive way. So suddenly, education is not simply a one way street, teacher providing some information and directing the traffic toward other information. Today, students are the teachers as much as the teachers. But students are also the editors and the producers of ideas. Schools now need to help students become these thoughtful persons instead of just pushing students in a single direction of rehashed information. Frightening? You bet. But it is a new world and we need to be brave. I'm not exactly sure where this will lead, but I hope I have the ability to be a part of it.

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