Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Leadership

Whenever we overestimate ourselves, rust starts to accumulate on the wheels. Whenever we underestimate ourselves, we begin to slide backward. The two work hand in hand in preventing progress and good leadership. Like a good blog, one must go with the flow, not necessarily a linear path, so that opportunity is not missed. Leadership is often defined in a way meant to control. I would call this old leadership. Yet, the new leadership tries not to control, but to encourage, guide, and mentor a team or group of teams with the knowledge that the destination is unknown in specific terms but known in more global terms. For example, If I am a teacher, I want my students to read, write, and think, but I must also be aware that the definition of reading, writing, and thinking have changed. Old leadership will hinder the development of the new definition. New leadership will usher that thinking into the mainstream.

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