Friday, October 24, 2008

Are You as Excited as I Am?

I am beginning to sound like a politician on the campaign trail. I hope there is more substance in my excitement than we have witnessed in the orchestrated appearances of our would-be political leaders.

I just read the "papers" this morning, using my usual rss feeds, so I feel as if I have gotten a cross section of views--at least within the constraints of my own prejudicial selections of the actual feeds. I went over to Paul Krugman's blog, read his thought on yesterday's Alan Greenspan testimony, and added my comment. How powerful is that? Once again I am feeling the power of blogging, reader as both consumer and producer. I will pop back in at lunch to see what others have to say. News will never be the same.

Now, will my students ever feel the same excitement? My hope is yes. I will need to create a project for the second quarter and will include blogging somehow. I hope that I am up to the task. I don't want to spoil this powerful medium. Time will tell.

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