Thursday, February 26, 2009

James Baldwin and Me

I do have a special place in my literary pantheon for James Baldwin. I think it is mostly because he was a searcher, and understood the concept of love better than any contemporary literary figure of which I am aware. In his work during the civil rights era of the 50's and 60's he challenged all, letting no one off the hook for a society that was just plain ugly with racism. His solution was pretty simple: Love. This meant acceptance and letting go of ignorance.

He was once asked why there was so much time between his novels and his reply was, "That's the kind of writer that I am."

I find comfort in that response, if others do not. I find it necessary to periodically head for the desert, to listen, to observe the not-so-obvious, what William Least Heat Moon once wrote about in an essay called, "A List of Nothing in Particular." I come back a new man, energized and willing to speak once again.

Perhaps that attitude is not suited to writing a blog. Sorry to those who were wondering while I was wandering. Rest assured we were all thinking the same thing: Where is that guy? In the future, I will alert you of my wanderings before I go. Have a great day!



Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

It was entertaining, nevertheless!

Great post ~ Very insightful!

If you have the opportunity, please pray for the prayer requests on the main page of our site.

God bless you,

Mark Seay

Don said...

I shared part of your post with my daughter who posts on a random schedule. The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. (The same goes for blogs!)

Peter said...

Thanks, Don. Good to see you.--Pete