Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I really love March, ten inches of snow on the ground from a late winter snow storm notwithstanding. It is a time of hope, you know, with all of that springtime and rebirth stuff. But I have to go on record as saying that with March comes longer days and shorter shadows. I can never discount the power of a sun that rises higher in the sky than during December, January, and February. I feel like a solar panel, suddenly energized because energy stores from last fall are almost gone. March is the time of year where I feel the hope, feel the longer days coming, and feel happier. Yes, winter is over whether the calendar says so or not. If the same snow storm that we had yesterday hit in January, the residue would be around for months, until the middle of March. The residue from yesterday’s storm will be gone in a week or so. March is like that: it may hit hard, but quickly turns to apologize and cleans up that mess. Yup. March is ok in my book.


Don said...

Fun post. My wife, formerly of Long Island, NY, agrees with you totally. I like your phrase, "I feel like a solar panel..." Well said. Well said.

Miss H~ said...

Yay! You're back in the blogging world! :) Great post! I couldn't agree more. March does hold a certain hope the rest of winter lacks. Thanks for pointing it out, it helps make winter feel a lot less daunting. :)

Peter said...

Hey Don. I grew up on Long Island! And Hey Emily, good to be back. That last class was a challenging one, but I learned tons!

punya443 said...

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